Episode 75: Some Like it Hot

February 18, 2020
Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe in Some like it Hot. 

On this week's Sunday Morning Matinee, Matt and Adam talk comedy, identity, and Billy Wilder's classic Some Like it Hot. In the first segment, Matt and Adam talk about how a radical vision of gender ambiguity animates the comedy of Some like it Hot. The conversation turns to a discussion about how the famous last line of the movie has deeply theological implications. In the second segment, the two discuss the scripture passages for Transfiguration Sunday and how Christ's new form and Some like it Hot intersect at questions of revealed identities and what is hidden in the midst of revelation. Finally, Matt talks about movies he watched on a plane, and Adam discusses an article he read. 


"The First Drag Queen was a Former Slave" by Channing Gerard Joseph