Episode 44: Stranger than Fiction

April 30, 2018
Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction

On this week’s episode Matt and Adam talk with pastor, writer, and speaker MaryAnn McKibben Dana about stories, improv, and the 2006 comedy Stranger than Fiction. In our first segment, “Justification by Faith,” the group talks about authors, the impact of our stories, and the sacrifice that counts as love. In our second segment, “Preaching to the Choir,” the group discusses the intersection of Stranger than Fiction and the lectionary texts for May 6, 2018, Easter 6. The conversation centers mainly on Peter’s baptism in Acts as a moment of improvisation of God’s story. Finally, in the last segment, “Postludes,” Adam digs up an old story on ambition and Matt learns a thing or two from Mike Birbiglia.



MaryAnn McKibben Dana is a longtime Presbyterian pastor and author of two books: God, Improv, and the Art of Living and Sabbath in the Suburbs.

Adam's New Book: The Holy No: Worship as a Subversive Act

Adam and Matt lead a retreat at Mo Ranch in Texas.

Mike Birbiglia, “The New One.”