On this week’s episode of Technicolor Jesus, Matt and Adam talk with Derrick Weston—minister, community organizer, and podcast host—about horror, race, and Jordan Peele’s 2017 movie Get Out. In the first segment, "Justification by Faith," the group talks about the horror genre, the realities of the sunken place, and the difficulty of staying vigilant. In the second segment, "Preaching to the Choir," the group examines the lectionary passages for the second Sunday in Lent, Year B. The conversation probes Jesus’ command to “get behind me, Satan,” and what it might mean for the work of advocacy and ministry in a racist world. Finally, in the last segment, "Postludes," Adam talks about church boats and Matt is left cold by The Darkest Hour. So open your eyes but avoid the tea, it is time for another episode of Technicolor Jesus.



Derrick Weston is an ordained Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) minister, currently serving as the neighborhood organizer for Arlington Presbyterian Church in Arlington, Virginia. He’s also a fellow podcast host, with both  God Complex Radio, with friend of the show Carol Howard Merritt, and The Gospel According to Marvel, with Zane Sanders.

J. Dana Trent, "The One Where the Characters on Friends talk Face to Face."

Finnish Church Boats!!!!