Editor’s Post

Nine Associated Church Press awards for the Century

Last week in Chicago was the annual gathering of the Associated Church Press. The event was capped by an awards ceremony for work published in 2017, at which the Century was given an honorable mention in the best in class category for national and international magazines, along with an award of merit (second place) in the publication website category.

We also won seven additional awards honoring specific work from last year. Thanks to all who wrote it and all who read it.

If you missed these pieces when they came out and you’re not a subscriber, you can read a few of them online for free. Better yet, subscribe and read them all.


Award of Excellence (first place)

Column: Kathryn Reklis, On Media. Kathryn Reklis reviews film, TV, and more.

Critical review: Steve Thorngate, "Who is the Benedict Option for?" Rod Dreher calls on Christians to form deeper, more distinct communities. This should sound familiar to liberals.

Humor: Gordon Atkinson, "A story about finding a new story." I had the classic Texas Baptist starter package. I went to Carl’s shop to trade it in.

Theological reflection (long form): Brian Bantum, "Who decides what my body means?" The next Reformation is about interpretation, but not of a book.

Award of Merit (second place)

First-person essay (long form): Ruth Everhart, "A pastor's #MeToo story." "What can we do to make this go away?" a member of the personnel committee asked.

Biblical interpretation: Julie Morris, "A story of two leaky bodies." In Mark 5, a hemorrhaging woman meets a permeable savior.

Honorable Mention

Editorial/opinion: the editors, "A health care bill that takes away people's health care." Caring for the sick means keeping them in our risk pool.