A reckoning

July 8, 2014

                              “Hata si si vijana wa ghetto tako.”
              We slum youths are also a force to reckon with.

They are hoisting young Tirus shoulder high
on the streets of Korogocho. Tirus Irangu
Maina has dreams of studying law, why

not shake off the dust of these streets, through
studies even take a shot at politics. Today the news
he tested highest among students in primary schools

all over Kenya. He is beaming, sharing his view
that politicians take his people for a ride, gypped
the slum dwellers of Nairobi, so he’s out to improve

the livelihoods of his people. Today, on the lift
of this celebration, he’s cadging well-wishers for spare
change, the shillings needed to continue studies. If

this chosen one can shoulder it, his investors may require
a reckoning one day, exact their ration of his power.