Hello Warhol (6 Andys)

August 2, 2010
Courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

See Hello Caravaggio (Entombment).

In a series of postcard-sized paintings titled Hello Masterpieces! Leslie Holt places
pop culture icon Hello Kitty into familiar artworks. While this placement may
have us giggling at an Andy Warhol piece, the appearance of this image within
Caravaggio's painting may stun, anger or silence us. The juxtaposition of the
two images challenges our long-held aesthetic categories. Holt's work suggests
that we cannot always separate pop culture from sacred and artistic moments. In
describing this series, the word that Holt uses is dislocation. As Holt notes, her work "often displays an unsettling
intersection of childhood and the adult world."

-Lil Copan