Read THE COW IS NOW said the child

December 15, 2016

The cow is now.
 Lowing and chewing,
  no mewing or bowing to spring
  like that upon a rat.
The cow’s no cat.
In grass to eat
  or stream to drink,
  the cow’s a statue against the sky.
Her great head still,
  her eyes staring at you,
  she parks.
A dog remembers you, and barks,
  but the vacant-eyed cow is only now
I mean 
  she lives right now,
  she’s in it this minute.
She takes a stand,
  and wouldn’t give a fig
  to do a jig.
The cow’s no pig.
Yet, some nights after milking,
  soon as the sun sinks and the farm sleeps,
  in the lull till dawn
  she’ll yawn, then take a great run
  and sail clear over the moon
  like a gull over a dune.
Who knows?
She just says, “NOW!” 
  and goes.