Make me plow blade, implement
for the deep earth, forge me blue
with heat, Lord of flame, blow
strong the bellows, let the bellows
sing, baptize me in song, let ring

anvil, hammer, iron, tong, away
the slag, away the dull, draw me
sharp as the chine of a scythe,
sharp as sun glint, sharp as steel,
Lord of moldboard, coulter, land-

side, heel, temper me raw in water
and salt, mark me with ash, bathe
me in flux, teach me syntax of edge
and point, syntax of furrow, syntax
of stone, Lord of harvest, fit me

to rend, fit my tongue to till, oh be
not done till the yoke holds fast,
the share proves keen, oh be not
done till the ground gives way, oh
Shaper of earth, of blade, of song