Danish court rejects suit over Muhammad cartoons: Newspaper said it didn't intend to offend Muslims

August 12, 2008

An appeals court in Denmark has voided a lawsuit against the newspaper that was the first to print controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in 2005.

The Western High Court in Aarhus said in June that critics did not prove that the Jyllands-Posten newspaper was trying to depict Muslims as terrorists or criminals when it printed the cartoons, the Associated Press reported.

One of the drawings that most fueled controversy showed the Prophet Muhammad wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. Islamic law prohibits any visual depiction of the Prophet.

The court, 125 miles northwest of Copenhagen, upheld a lower court ruling from last year that rejected claims by Danish Muslims that the caricatures were intended to mock Islam and insult the prophet.

The daily newspaper has apologized and said it did not intend to offend Muslims, but stands by its decision to print the cartoons. –Religion News Service