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Feb 10, 2004

Volume 121, Issue #3


Come on down: Exodus 34:29-35; Luke 9:28-36

Jesus leads his disciples up a mountain. He was forever making them go places with him that nobody much wanted to go. But this was different. Mountains are good, quiet, restorative places for Sabbath retreat, rest and renewal. The pace had been hectic, so they headed for the hills. But on the mountain everything changes. The disciples’ solitude is intruded upon by the dead. If Peter hoped to “find himself,” forget it. He is discovered by the two great figures of the faith—Moses and Elijah. There is stunning, transfiguring vision and inspired speech. Peter, jolted awake, listens in on the conversation between Jesus and the patriarchs.

Damn preacher (Luke 6:17-26)

Whereas my most “prophetic” sermons are in the imperative mood, Jesus preaches in the indicative.

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