The Letter and the Spirit, by David Wojkowicz

Czech printmaker David Wojkowicz challenges our traditional ways of visualizing biblical narrative. A theologian and an amateur photographer, he developed a graphic vector software program to create what he calls “abstract Bible illustrations,” combining as many as seven overlapping and offset images in handcrafted digital prints. Wojkowicz’s nonfigurative art pieces are inspired by Bible texts, both well known and obscure. By linking word to image, he encourages viewers to tease out their own meanings in the interplay of simple geometric forms and patterns.

Gospel of Mark, by Roberts Rurans

Roberts Rurans is a freelance illustrator from Riga, Latvia, who begins his works solely by hand with paint before later applying a digital postproduction process. Influenced at first by the minimalism of modern art, with its exaggerations of form, Rurans has since delved into the past to find inspiration in the intricacy and meaning of medieval art. His stylized, bright work features clean, clear lines and large swatches of color.

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