Gate, by Maxim Demin

Many artists work with different paints or printmaking materials, but the background Maxim Demin brings to art making—he also does icon restoration—expands his level of experimentation to forms, formats, and the rich historical study of art through the centuries. In this acrylic painting on a found object (glass panels), the artist makes reference to an art form often seen as multi-planed, visually complex, and theologically rich. He strips those planes down to street-level work: a discarded windowpane you might find alongside a trash bin.

Jesus Feeds the Hungry, by Milen Litchkov

Almost 1,200 years of Eastern Christian culture are represented in this tinted drypoint by Milen Litchkov. In small, richly detailed prints on biblical themes, the Bulgarian graphic artist pays homage to the illuminators of ancient Gospel manuscripts and the miniaturist iconographers of his Balkan homeland, which converted to Christianity in the ninth century, adding his own humorous touches of contemporary caricature.