Grandfather, by Fouad Agbaria

Known for art that blends cultural history, landscape, and pattern work, Fouad Agbaria offers Palestinian narratives often left untold in the media. A Palestinian artist living in the Galilee region of Israel, he has gained prominence as one of a younger generation of Palestinian artists developing a visual catalog of a people and their relationship with their history, land, language, and religious traditions.

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Laquan McDonald (from the series In the Wake), by Jared Thorne

Laquan McDonald, a Black teenager, was walking away from Chicago police in 2014 when he was shot 16 times by an officer, who was later convicted of murder on the basis of video footage suppressed by authori­ties. Jared Thorne’s photogram, produced from the autopsy report released by McDonald’s family, demands that we confront the palpable brutality of the young man’s execution. By shining a light on this diagram—and that of others like it, from the autopsy reports of other victims he includes in this series—Thorne illuminates the stark reality of being Black in America.