Multitudes of Moseses

From baby in a basket to liberating lawgiver, Moses has been all things to all people.


Hermeneutics in a fragile land

A review of Will Stalder

The history of Palestinian Christian interpretation of the Old Testament reminds us of the nuanced, fragile nature of life in that region.


Zionism's theological roots

A review of David Novak

How does theology shape Jewish democracy, in light of the many competing claims and complex relationships in the land of Israel?


Mapping Exile and Return, by Alain Epp Weaver

Alain Epp Weaver offers a new conceptual bridge to explain the Israel/Palestine conflict to U.S. readers and to suggest a way forward.


Israel’s Protestant friends

The Six-Day War, as Caitlin Carenen argues, represented a turning point in American Protestant views of Israel.