Purity, consent, and other lenses on sexual ethics

Sex is complicated. So is Christian reflection on it.


Moral constructions of HIV

A review of Anthony M. Petro

Once gay men were identified in public as the primary victims of and imagined cause of the disease, it became a moral crisis rather than a medical one.


The mysteries of young Augustine

A review of Robin Lane Fox

Confessions is not primarily about Augustine at all; it is about God’s activity in the particularity of Augustine’s life.



Take & Read

At the Altar of Wall Street: The Rituals, Myths, Theologies, Sacraments, and Mission of the Religion Known as the Modern Global Economy, by Scott W. Gustafson. Money has become a kind of god and our relationship to it a kind of worship, replete with liturgical orderings and sacramental offerings.


Pure Christian sex?

A review of Sarah Moslener and Dianna Anderson

Human sexuality is fraught, particularly when mixed with the complexities of culture, religion, patriarchy, and adolescence.


Sex in the lab

On Masters of Sex, the wired-up naked bodies are not nearly as titillating as the melodramas that unfold when the characters are fully clothed.