Martin Luther


Too good for this world

A review of Larissa MacFarquhar

If your mother is drowning in one location and two strangers in another, should you save your mother or the two strangers?


Selling the Reformation

A review of Andrew Pettegree

Luther understood the “aesthetics of the book” but not the economics of the book. He never made a pfennig from his publications.


The Many Faces of Christ, by Philip Jenkins

Fall books

Phil Jenkins's abundant evidence gives lie to the traditional assumption that all but the four canonical Gospels were effectively squelched in the fourth century.


Doctrine’s many lives

Christine Helmer’s important new book has an unusual literary feature: its titular character is killed off not once, but twice.


Reinventing Liberal Christianity, by Theo Hobson

Theo Hobson’s ambitious book traces the historical emergence and fate of liberal theology in the modern period. He defends the “liberal state” and the way good liberal Christianity is allied with it.