Twins with a Nazi doctor

Is it possible for two 12-year-olds to retain their innocence in a place like Auschwitz?


Sarah’s Key

Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner

Sarah's Key is culled from a popular novel (by Tatiana de Rosnay) set during the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of France. The main character, an Amer­i­can magazine writer (Kristin Scott Thomas) living in Paris, discovers that her husband's family acquired their home after the Jews who once lived there were sent to an abandoned stadium, where they endured three hellish days before the Nazis transported them to the camps.


Ending the era of Auschwitz

Too much Holocaust consciousness?

The Holocaust in American Life, by Peter Novick


Israel’s covenant

O Jerusalem! The Contested Future of the Jewish Covenant, by Marc H. Ellis


Cross and swastika

Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust, edited by Robert P. Ericksen and Susannah Heschel


God After Auschwitz, by Zachary Braiterman

Zachary Braiterman challenges a well-subscribed theory about the delay in the expression of post-Holocaust thought and the onset of dialogue. Often understood as a kind of post-traumatic stress response, the near quarter-century of silence is due more to "discursive factors" than the "psychologism" of shock, Braiterman proposes.