Apostles of Reason, by Molly Worthen

Spring books

At the heart of evangelicals’ conflicted identity, Molly Worthen argues, is the “struggle to reconcile reason with revelation, heart with head, and private piety with the public square.”


Reformed and antimodern

Some classic works on the origins of modernity give pride of place to Calvinism. D. G. Hart will have none of it.


Missing arts

Seeing Beyond the World: Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition, edited by Paul Corby Finney


Women's space

Feminist Theology and Christian Theology: Cartographies of Grace, by Serene Jones


Evangelical Disenchantment: Nine Portraits of Faith and Doubt

It takes a certain level of self-deception to be a lukewarm evangelical. Intense piety is in the tradition’s DNA. The need for not only a conversion experience but a life in which the gospel is internalized and alive and demonstrated in the world has given evangelicalism an impressive vitality.