American Protestants


How (Not) to Be Secular, by James K. A. Smith

Jamie Smith has written a string of smart books that explain the significance of contemporary theory for Christian life and ministry. His new field guide to Charles Taylor may be his best.


Baptizing empire

Matthew McCullough argues that the Spanish-American War signaled a crucial turning point in American self-understanding and self-justification.


American Protestants and the Debate over the Vietnam War, by George Bogaski

Through analysis of denominational statements about what is arguably the most debated military conflict in recent U.S. history, George Bogaski produces an illuminating, if also unvarnished, story.


America’s Pastor, by Grant Wacker

Fall books

Let it be said at once: this is the best book ever written about Billy Graham. I found this an absolutely captivating book and have read every word, including the footnotes.


The center and beyond

Re-forming the Center: American Protestantism, 1900 to the Present, edited by Doublas Jacobsen and William Vance Trollinger Jr.


The birth of religious studies

The University Gets Religion: Religious Studies in American Higher Education, by D.G. Hart