Reclaiming a peculiar faith

Good News in Exile: Three Pastors Offer a Hopeful Vision for the Church.
By Martin B. Copenhaver, Anthony B. Robinson and William H. Willimon. Eerdmans, 116 pp. 

Three senior pastors of large mainline churches describe, in the words of one, their "ascent out of liberalism." They offer fragmentary glimpses of how a postliberal church, exiled from cultural prominence, ought to read scripture, preach, worship, form faithful Christians and engage in social action. Some of these glimpses (especially of the teaching and social ministries of the church) offer a rich alternative to the "church growth" models that have been proposed as the solution to the problems of mainline congregations. Unfortunately, the diatribe against "liberalism" pervading the book obscures and sometimes distorts its most promising ideas.


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