robert wuthnow


Do pollsters invent religion?

A review of Robert Wuthnow

Do pollsters create what they purport to study? Wuthnow examines the power and limits of polls and surveys on American religion.


Texas tough

Other states have a history of violence, suspicion of government, and more Baptists than people. What makes Texas different? Robert Wuthnow says it’s oil.


Belief without Borders, by Linda A. Mercadante

Spring books

Linda A. Mercadante’s study counters those who suggest that the rise of the religiously unaffiliated is tantamount to secularization.


Growing Up Religious, by Robert Wuthnow

American religious life is in ferment, not decline. The changes range from the increasing religious diversity brought by new immigrant groups, through the ebbing importance of denominations, to the impact of large, often independent megachurches on the worship, music styles and ministries of all kinds of churches. No one has helped us understand this ferment better than Robert Wuthnow.


Be Very Afraid: The Cultural Responses to Terror, Pandemics, Environmental Devastation, Nuclear Annihilation, and Other Threats

A funeral is a curious phenomenon. In the face of the death of a loved one, friends and relatives gather for a carefully choreographed dance of ritualistic acts. Condolences are given. Music is played. Words are spoken. Food is shared.

Global influence

There is a story told about the alleged waning of Christianity that has been popular among secularists since the late 19th century.