Take & Read: Global Christianity

Philip Jenkins recommends the best recently published books in his field.


Global Christianity & American religious history

Take & Read

Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance, edited by Joel Carpen­ter, Perry L. Glanzer, and Nicholas S. Lantinga. Even where their overall numbers in a society are tiny, Christians often establish their presence and status through the excellence of their schools and colleges.


Latino Pentecostals in America, by Gastón Espinosa

Histories of U.S. Pentecostalism have long focused on two narratives: black and white. Gastón Espinosa looks instead at Latino Pentecostals.


Rendering Unto Caesar, by Anthony Gill, and Religious Politics in Latin America, by Brian H. Smith

Twenty years ago the churches in Latin America were viewed as playing a major role in resisting military dictatorships and in developing new revolutionary social models. Recently, attention has shifted to the remarkable growth of Latin American Pentecostal churches. In Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and elsewhere, as many Protestants as Catholics may be in church on any given weekend.


Pentecostal Currents in American Protestantism, edited by Edith Blumhofer, Russell Spittler and Grant Wacker

The 20th century may be recorded as the ecumenical century, but it certainly will be noted as the century of the Pentecostal renewal, both as a new church phenomenon and as a charismatic impulse within Catholicism and classical Protestantism.