frederick buechner


Vibrant, vigorous, and weird

A review of Annie Dillard

Almost any page of this collection yields the precise puzzling haunting music of Dillard’s mind at work.


The Eyes of the Heart, by Frederick Buechner

Few people listen to their lives as closely as Frederick Buechner does, and fewer can articulate so well what they hear. This book, Buechner's fourth memoir, resembles his previous autobiographies—The Sacred Journey (1982), Then and Now (1983) and Telling Secrets (1991)—in that it deals with pivotal moments and persons in Buechner's life.


7 essential books for preaching

My favorite book on the theology of preaching—which helps me remember what I’m doing and why—is the first one I ever read, the one that convinced me that going to seminary wasn’t a completely insane idea. Buechner’s gift for wringing beauty out of pain is one I appreciate more and more.