American dream


Emancipation and economics

A review of Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle

Lincoln understood that the dream of well-being, if not radically democratized, would for some people only be a nightmare.


Our Kids, by Robert D. Putnam

Balancing biography and quantitative research, Robert Putnam paints a sobering picture of the state of the American dream.


Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an atheist. But perhaps his atheism is precisely the kind that Christians in America need.


The credit revolution

Everyone seems to agree that America's moral fabric is being undermined by the unwise proliferation of consumer credit. We readily believe those who claim that easy credit fuels rampant hedonism and leads many to bankruptcy. Wistfully, we compare ourselves to ancestors who supposedly controlled their spending and never went into debt. We believe that our present affluence is a bubble that will surely burst.


Possessed by hope

The Fabric of Hope: An Essay, by Glenn Tinder
The Real American Dream: A Meditation on Hope, by Andrew Delbanco