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Friday digest

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • Brad Hill on people who hijack church meetings: "In many cases, shouting 'Elephant in the room!' is an attempt to avoid other, lesser, lurking creatures." (subscription required)

  • Craig Barnes on the pastor as sheepdog: "I am cherished, and called by the Shepherd to serve the flock. But I can save no one." (subscription required)

  • Amy Frykholm on the morning communion rush at the Chicago Temple: "When John Wesley sent missionaries to America, he said simply, 'Offer them Christ.' That's what the Chicago Temple sees itself doing, no questions asked."

  • Steve Thorngate on the National Prayer Breakfast: "My problem isn't simply a secularist one, i.e. government officials should avoid any event with a smack of sectarianism. What I object to is the political exploitation of the importance of prayer in American life."

  • Ryan Dueck on updating his religion

  • "Pietà," a poem by Maria Garriott


In the news:

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