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Tuesday digest

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New today from the Century:

  • Thomas Berg on religious freedom: "When conflicts come up between religious beliefs and the law, religious progressives should support certain religious exemptions--even if they disagree with the beliefs in question."

  • Stanley Hauerwas reviews Karl Marlantes: "Karl Marlantes's new book is not fiction, but it develops the idea of his novel Matterhorn: that war provides a sense of transcendence that can be found nowhere else." (subscription required)

  • John Buchanan on environmental activism: "How is it possible to read the first chapter of the Bible and not be an environmentalist?" (subscription required)

  • Max Stackhouse's seven-word gospel: "God enters history; renewed covenants promise salvation."

  • David Lewicki on pastoring during the holidays: "Sometimes cliches can make the reality rather than represent it, but I do think the holidays are particularly challenging for most pastors. Here's a list of five things that have been vexing for me this Christmas season."

  • Henry Langknecht blogs the nativity lectionary: "Several years ago I received from a parishioner a "Jesus Is the Reason for the Season" cookie tin. Every time I reached for a piece of Doris's divinity, I had to read that cheery-angry motto of Christian moralism."

  • P. C. Enniss's lectionary column from the magazine for the following Sunday, January 1: "Imagine the leader of a major Christian institution declaring on CNN that from now on, before one can become a Christian, one must first become a Jew, submit to the ritual of circumcision and vow to abide by the disciplines of the Mosaic law." (subscription required)


In the news:

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