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Kenda Creasy Dean on God Complex Radio

Kenda Creasy Dean on what it means to be almost Christian

Our feel good, be nice, self-centered gospel

I feel really lucky. Why? Because I co-host a podcast. That means when I read a great book, I have an excuse to call the author and ask her or him if we can chat about it. And you know what's even better? They say yes!

This week, Derrick Weston, my partner in this Internet radio endeavor, spoke to Kenda Creasy Dean about her book Almost Christian. Kenda is a Professor of Youth, Church and Culture at Princeton Seminary.

What are today’s youth are saying about their faith? How does what they profess compare to our historic creeds? What are they telling us about the beliefs of their parents and our church? Kenda Creasy Dean helps us to learn how youth reflect the faith of our communities. Plus, you won’t want to miss the insightful thoughts of the Two Friars and a Fool (Aric Clark, Doug Hagler, and Nick Larson).

You can download the interview on iTunes or listen to it here.


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Careful what you wish for

In one review of this book that I read, the reviewer wrote "most churches profer a Christianity that teaches one how to their bills on time, be good citizens, and how to avoid conflict."  (And that is  bad because...why?)  But do people realize what 'return to orthodoxy' means, and would you really want that?  Competing, uniquely true but mutually exclusive orthodoxies? Protestants denouncing Catholics, Calvinists denouncing Arminians, everyone denouncing Jews.... that, my friends, historically is what 'vibrant orthodoxy' has given us, among other things.  Maybe Dr Dean doesn't really mean that; I will have to read her book.  Maybe she wants vibrant orthodoxy that is also pleasant and kind; good luck with that.  I suspect that M.T.D. is a reaction against what used to be more common.

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