We Are the Eighth Day, © Melanie Weidner


Writing to Wake the Soul, by Karen Hering

Karen Hering believes that writing is a way to tune into your inner voice and discover the relationship you have with whom or what you believe in.


Bella Ciao, by Barbez

In the digital age, music albums are often seen as quaint, obsolete. Yet a well-crafted collection of songs often carries with it a narrative arc, even when the compositions lack words. 


Reading a Different Story, by Susan VanZanten

VanZanten grew up in a Dutch Reformed context, and much of her life has been steeped in the Reformed tradition, though some of the schools where she’s taught English are more evangelical than Reformed. What is compelling about her story is her discovery of postcolonial African literature, especially South African literature.

On Art

Faithmarks, Sweet T Studios in conjunction with St. Marks Church, Chattanooga

Tattoos, according to tattoo artist Danny Siviter, represent some of the most permanent statements a person can make. Some people use them to tell stories, some just to decorate their bodies, and some to proclaim what is most important in their lives. For many, what’s important is some aspect of their faith. Curated by Anna Golladay and Carl Greene, the exhibit Faithmarks, an initiative of St. Marks Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, reflects the stories and spirituality of the city’s Northshore community. Each photograph is accompanied by a personal narrative. Portions of the exhibit are available to travel. More information is at