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Daniel C. Richardson


Essays by readers

In response to our request for essays on mentors, we received many compelling reflections. Here is a selection.

What are you doing in here? Shouldn’t you be out visiting patients? asked Gerry. Gerry was one member of the chaplaincy staff that ministry students tried to steer clear of. With his barely audible greetings and rolling of the eyes, he let us know we were on his turf and in the way.

“Um, yes. Just checking up on some patients on the computer database. Leaving now.”

Which was a lie. The real reason I was in the office was because I was hiding. That morning’s rounds on the surgical floor hadn’t gone well. Two years of divinity school taught me about Heidegger and hermeneutics, but I hadn’t discovered what I actually felt about God or how to talk to God.


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