A man for our times

Aristotle says that three elements are necessary for a successful argument: ethos, pathos and logos. Ethos refers to the character of the one who speaks or writes. Is he credible? Do we regard her as a good person, someone whose experiences inspire curiosity or trust?

Pathos refers to the audience. Is it ready to be moved, emotionally engaged, and living in circumstances that the speaker can understand and address? And logos is about the content of the discourse. Is the message informative and substantial? Can it move people?

I would like you to find me a credible character as I witness to my friendship with and respect for James Ford, who is retiring from his position as chaplain of the House of Representatives. I hope that I assess you, my audience, correctly as folks who are looking for people to respect. And I hope you will agree that I have something worthwhile to say about Ford.


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