Taking inventory

A national 12-step program
President Bush has become what he said he would be, a uniter: both conservatives and liberals are united in thinking that he has taken the country off track. In what seems to be a protracted lame-duck period for the president, pundits are already speculating about the post-Bush era. Newsweek published a cover essay titled “After Bush: How to Restore America’s Place in the World.” Harper’s Magazine held a symposium called “Undoing Bush: How to Repair Eight Years of Sabotage, Bungling, and Neglect.”

Hovering over all the discussions about the future is Iraq. Most Americans now believe that going to war there was a mistake. But as Fareed Zakaria says in Newsweek, “It is time to stop bashing George W. Bush. We must begin to think about life after Bush.” It may have been the president’s war, but it is everyone’s problem.


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