Passionate disbelief

An ex-fundamentalist lashes out
Brian Flemming is that most dangerous of religious creatures: the former fundamentalist. He is also a gifted satirical filmmaker. The two elements collide and create sparks in The God Who Wasn’t There: A Film Beyond Belief, which is playing at selected venues (see and banking on Internet buzz and word of mouth to gain publicity. The movie claims to do to religion what Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine did to the gun culture and what Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me did to the fast food industry—expose it as a dangerous fraud, while setting the audience to grinning.

Flemming’s mockumentary mostly falls flat. It aims only at that form of Christianity by which he was wounded: nondenominational fundamentalism. While there are not a few fundamentalists around, the vast number of Christians across the globe and throughout history would be puzzled by his description of the faith and his criticisms of it.


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