Ears to hear

Reading the Bible with the aid of faithful interpreters
Every once in a while someone asks me about my “faith walk.” It makes me cringe. But lately I have discovered that the expression can have a less mawkish, more literal connotation. I have taken to Bible-walking: walking from office to home, from home to supermarket, from kitchen to study and from kettle to pot, with a headset on my head and the words of the Bible, King James Version, spoken by the “voice of the Bible,” Alexander Scourby, thundering in my ears. The idea came to me after several wonderful months spent walking through Middle-Earth, listening to an unabridged reading of The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion—all 45 cassettes. Only then did it occur to me to walk my way through the Bible, 48 cassettes, from Genesis to Revelation. As of this writing, I have just reached the foothills of Malachi.


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