A Royal Waste of Time, by Marva J. Dawn

Marva Dawn excels at demonstrating how good worship and good liturgy meet the very needs that drive us to their substitutes. The genuine splendor of worship can free us from our preoccupation with consumerism, our addictive behaviors and our anxieties. At worship one does nothing more nor less than to give oneself fully to God.

Dawn has expanded her rich work in the field of contemporary worship into considering the concerns of Generation X—which she sees as a media-saturated and "dumbed down" crowd. But she finds its members eager for genuine worship—an activity which she aptly describes as a royal and splendiferous waste of time. Dawn points to Generation X's odd conjunction of reverence and irreverence as the nub of the spiritual situation of postmodern culture, which can neither dismiss religion nor embrace it wholeheartedly. This paradox leads to the inevitable commodification of worship: it gets used, bought and sold.


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