Reflections for

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Aug 04, 2019

Hosea 11:1-11; Psalm 107:1-9, 43; (Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12-14 and 2:18-23; Psalm 49:1-12;) Colossians 3:1-11; Luke 12:13-21


Understanding Wisdom Literature, by David Penchansky

Spring books

People often assume—wrongly—that the Bible presents a single view of God and the world. In Understanding Wisdom Literature, David Penchansky shows how the Hebrew Bible’s wisdom books, Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes, speak differently from covenant-centered writings such as Genesis, Deuteronomy and Isaiah.


Revised Common Lectionary © 1992 the Consultation on Common Texts. Used by permission.