Change of Heart, by Jeanne Bishop

Spring books

When Jeanne Bishop learned of her sister's murder, she found herself saying aloud, "I don't want to hate anybody."


The Death Class, by Erika Hayasaki

Erika Hayasaki, having reported on a succession of traumatic events, read about a popular university class on death. She decided to enroll.


Killing words

"You Shall Not Kill" or "You Shall Not Murder?" The Assault on a Biblical Text. By Wilma Ann Bailey. Liturgical Press.


Murderous nation

In 1863 a cooper in Chillicothe, Ohio, named Schyler Courier angrily responded to a group of boys throwing snowballs at him by firing his shotgun, killing one of the boys. In 1866 in Petersburg, New York, Hiram Coon warned his employer's wife, Mary Laker, to quit taunting him for his criminal past; when she would not stop, he split her head open with an ax.