The war we aren't winning

A book I'd like my elected officials to read

The United States has been engaged for decades in a seemingly endless series of wars and military operations.


Celebrating centrist Muslims

A review of Raymond William Baker

There’s some good news amid the gloom of global terrorism—namely, the little-known world of wasatiyya, or centrist, Islam.


Missionaries among Muslims

A review of Christine Leigh Heyrman

To lionize the missionary’s courage, Muslims were cast as implacable adversaries and served as the quintessential foil.



Take & Read

Black Practical Theology, edited by Dale P. Andrews and Robert London Smith Jr. This excellent handbook on practical theology is structured by “trialogues” between black church leaders, practical theologians, and prominent scholars in Bible, theology, and ethics.


Unsettled in the beginning

One Good Book deserves another

I love Genesis for some of the same reasons the church fathers were wary of it.


Glimpses of Boko Haram

A review of Virginia Comolli

The history and struggles of the Nigerian movement known as Boko Haram are more complicated than they first appear.