early church history


Social and Economic Life in Second Temple Judea, by Samuel L. Adams

Samuel Adams's book is important on two counts: he focuses on the once-neglected period of the Second Temple, and he asks economic questions rather than theological-spiritual ones.


Founding the Fathers, by Elizabeth A. Clark

In this deeply researched and illuminating monograph, Elizabeth Clark examines the development of early church history as an academic field in the U.S.


Late Antiquity, edited by G. W. Bowersock, Peter Brown and Oleg Grabar

When Arnaldo Momigliano was at the University of Chicago he used to argue that we should teach not "church history" but just "history." This is the implicit view of most of the contributors to this large, well-illustrated volume. The editors urge readers to use this impressive guide "with enterprise and patience," especially by choosing the right terms to look up.