Spiritual Companioning, by Angela H. Reed, Richard R. Osmer, and Marcus G. Smucker

Fall books

The authors of Spiritual Companioning suggest a way forward for those disenchanted with polite, shallow church relationships.

Accidental Saints, by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Fall books

Readers who found Pastrix to be a long, cool drink will find more refreshment here. Those who have tired of Nadia Bolz-Weber's cranky schtick will tire of it here as well.

Glass Ceilings and Dirt Floors, by Christine Firer Hinze

Hitting a glass ceiling is a metaphor for the experience professional women have of finding subtle obstacles in the way of their advancement. But most working women in the world don’t hit a glass ceiling. They scratch out a meager income while caring for domestic concerns at home.

How to Read the Bible, by Harvey Cox

For the Bible to belong not only to the church or the academy but to the people, a guidebook is needed. Harvey Cox provides one.

White space, black lives

After I received the request to review Kelly Brown Douglas's book, I kept seeing her main thesis displayed in the news.