North of Hope, by Shannon Huffman Polson

After Huffman Polson’s father and stepmother were mauled and killed by a grizzly bear, she retraced their steps in the Arctic region. Completing their unfinished trek was not sufficient to heal her wounds. She sang Mozart’s Requiem in the Seattle Symphony Chorus, led by Itzhak Perl­man.

Paging God, by Wendy Cadge

Wendy Cadge asks, What happens to religion when hospitals, many of them founded by religious groups, are secularized or otherwise constrained to serve patients beyond their founding communities?

Book of Hours, by Kevin Young

The sudden death of a parent and years of smoldering grief that follow, the breathless anticipation of the birth of a child and years of awkward wonder that follow—these experiences are among the subjects of an attractive book of poems by an award-winning poet. Many of these poems were written out of moments when his nerves were frayed and confidence shaken.

Jewish thought

Essential books

Contemporary Jewish Theology: A Reader, edited by Elliot N. Dorff and Louis E. Newman. Here is an introduction to Jewish thought in bite-size pieces.


Take & read

Good Food: Grounded Practical Theology, by Jennifer R. Ayres.
 Ayres presents good food as divine bounty and moral challenge. She rotates her crops, deftly weaving statistical analysis and moral frameworks with stories of particular practices of food faithfulness, hopefulness, and goodness.