Evolution heals

A review of Jeremy Taylor

Peanut allergies are rare in Africa, where children are exposed early and often to a variety of microbes that we might regard as old friends.

Cultivating equality

A review of Anthony B. Atkinson

Even if increased equity were to involve a slightly smaller pie, the resulting social order may be preferred. When poverty declines, the social costs of poverty fall, and despair is replaced by hope.

Revelation, by Dennis Covington

Dennis Covington is famous for seeking faith in extreme places. Twenty years ago it was the snake-handling, poison-drinking Christians of southern Appa­lachia.

Everyday theosis

A review of Michael J. Gorman

Theosis is mission’s starting point. Believers are called to “become” the gospel through participation in the divine life.

The faith of the Dones

A review of Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope

The Dones aren’t leaving church because they’re burned out. Instead, they’ve hit so much bureaucracy that they seek more efficient venues.