40 Days with the Holy Spirit, by Jack Levison

Levison, who teaches Old Testament at Perkins School of Theology, has made a career of studying Spirit in scripture. He puts his significant learning in accessible form in this book intended for use as inspirational reading over a 40-day period, which could be used for Lent or any time of year.

Found in translation

George Steiner said that "the translator invades, extracts, and brings home." In this remarkable volume, Everett Fox does all of this.

Baptizing empire

Matthew McCullough argues that the Spanish-American War signaled a crucial turning point in American self-understanding and self-justification.

Medicine and Religion, by Gary B. Ferngren

At the hospital where I work, families may form relationships with pastoral care staff—but they come for our clinical competence in medicine. Gary Ferngren points out how new and odd this is.