Texas tough

Other states have a history of violence, suspicion of government, and more Baptists than people. What makes Texas different? Robert Wuthnow says it’s oil.

Curious, by Ian Leslie

In Ian Leslie’s telling, curiosity is far from a valued quality. Augustine, he notes, equated curiosity with temptation.

Found Theology, by Ben Quash

For Ben Quash, scripture and tradition are givens. Our task is to discover and reinterpret what we have been given.

Changing Our Mind, by David P. Gushee

The paradigms we use to ex­plain reality collapse when we encounter too many anomalies. Then we begin to seek another explanation. Something like that has happened for many people in connection with homosexuality. That number now includes David P. Gushee, a leading evangelical ethicist. In his case, it was discovering that his sister is a lesbian that led him to rethink this issue.