The Paradox of Liberation, by Michael Walzer

Michael Walzer addresses a surprising question: the interplay between social revolutions and reactive counterrevolutions.

Wrestling with Paul

Frances Taylor Gench doesn't ignore difficult texts about women; she wrestles with them. That's because she is committed to the Bible as scripture.

Excavating the Sky, by Konstantin Kulakov

Kulakov’s poems find the holy in the unsettling yoke of disparates: in the Bible and Qur’an lying side by side; in a mango glowing from within an aluminum can; in Harlem, where “flowers of blood nailed Christ to the walls.” These are poems of displacement, as the poet wanders from D.C. to Moscow to Pakistan to Oxford to Georgia and beyond.

Speed Limits, by Mark C. Taylor

Mark Taylor's cultural history of speed starts at the Reformation and examines the interwoven threads of religion, society, politics, art, and economics.

Culture war fatigue?

Some have dismissed the culture wars as a sideshow. Andrew Hartman insists that the issues at stake in cultural politics are real.