Approaching the End, by Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas’s book is about learning how to die and training how to be human. Broadly speaking, it is a book about time and purpose—or, better said, the purpose of time.

The Good Lord Bird: A Novel by James McBride

The Good Lord Bird is a tale of the antebellum South like none you’ve heard. A young slave is liberated by John Brown, who will later try to ignite a revolution.

The New Mind of the South, by Tracy Thompson

Thompson is trying to update Wilbur Joseph Cash’s classic 1941 work The Mind of the South. One can’t understand the South without dealing with the two Rs, race and religion, and Thompson covers those quite astutely, along with family life, farming, rural culture, and politics.

Writing to Wake the Soul, by Karen Hering

Karen Hering believes that writing is a way to tune into your inner voice and discover the relationship you have with whom or what you believe in.

Another grief observed

Julian Barnes’s attempt to console himself with “It’s just the universe doing its stuff” recalls C.S. Lewis’s recoil from the “goodness” of God.