Ask a mortician

Morticians haven't charged too much, they've done too much. With this precisely correct claim, Caitlin Doughty earns her contrarian stripes.

Lucy Stone, by Sally G. McMillen

Among those credited with propelling the women’s movement forward in the 19th century, one name is often left off the list. Lucy Stone was a passionate and fearless orator, an abolitionist, and a proponent of women’s civil and property rights.

Psalms, by Walter Brueggemann and William H. Bellinger Jr.

What are the best Psalms commentaries for Christian exposition? Walter Brueggemann and William Bellinger's book deserves a place alongside Clinton McCann and James Mays.

Saying No to Say Yes, by David C. Olsen and Nancy G. Devor

Clergy sexual misconduct gets the most attention when boundary violations are discussed. Olsen and Devor believe that focus gets in the way of addressing the need for other kinds of boundaries that help ministry to flourish.

Tailings: A Memoir, by Kaethe Schwehn

Kaethe Schwehn's memoir of loss, quest, and initiation begins by introducing the special spiritual geography of Holden Village.