Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well, by Glen E. Miller

Miller, an internist, has coronary heart disease. A survivor of a number of heart incidents, he decided to become proactive about his life so that, to the degree possible, he could have a good death.

Of monks and men

As a prospective monk at the Algerian Trappist monastery, Freddy Derwahl came to know the community before the 1996 abduction of seven brothers.

Why the Germans? Why the Jews? by Götz Aly

Aly addresses one of the most troubling and enduring questions of the 20th century: How could the German nation kill 6 million Jews? Aly’s explanation points more toward class and ethnic resentment than religious difference. Jews took much better advantage than gentiles did of the economic opportunities provided by the Industrial Revolution.

The past is now

Margaret Bendroth and John Fea both contend that Christians need to encounter the past in all its complexity and humanity.