Saying No to Say Yes, by David C. Olsen and Nancy G. Devor

Clergy sexual misconduct gets the most attention when boundary violations are discussed. Olsen and Devor believe that focus gets in the way of addressing the need for other kinds of boundaries that help ministry to flourish.

Tailings: A Memoir, by Kaethe Schwehn

Kaethe Schwehn's memoir of loss, quest, and initiation begins by introducing the special spiritual geography of Holden Village.

Can a Renewal Movement Be Renewed? by Michael Kinnamon

Michael Kinnamon raises key questions about the ecumenical movement and its need for renewal. He's ideally positioned to propose answers.

Vainglory, by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

Spring books

If vainglory is about stealing glory from God, it is unintelligible outside the house of faith. This may explain why Rebecca DeYoung's book flows against the current of attempts to reclaim narcissism and pride.