Roots and Sky, by Christie Purifoy

Even in the jagged edges of life, God’s glory shines. And we are the cultivators of this glory.

Speaking of the cross

A review of Ingolf U. Dalferth and Stephen Finlan

Much of what Christianity has long been saying about the cross of Christ is problematic. So what is to be done about it?

Celebrating centrist Muslims

A review of Raymond William Baker

There’s some good news amid the gloom of global terrorism—namely, the little-known world of wasatiyya, or centrist, Islam.

Bipolar Faith, by Monica A. Coleman

Honest and harrowing, this spiritual autobiography testifies to God’s persuasive presence in a life that bears family legacies of slavery, alcoholism, abuse, and mental illness.

Love without coercion

A review of Thomas Jay Oord

Oord’s kenosis model is a compelling answer to the problem of evil—one that draws on scripture, theology, philosophy, and science.