Emmett Till in Different States: Poems, by Philip C. Kolin

Americans are still processing the 1955 murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till, the Chicago boy who was lynched while visiting relatives in Mississippi. These poems provide a wrenching retelling of the story that even after 60 years is as raw and unresolved as ever. Philip C.

Immanuel is the agenda

A review of Samuel Wells

What humankind needs is a love that sticks around, a love that stays put, a love that hangs on. That’s what the cross is.

The myth of a religion/science conflict

A review of Peter Harrison

Are science and religion enemies or friends? Neither, says Peter Harrison—but they're both forms of virtue.

The black social gospel

A review of Gary Dorrien

In American history, some lives have mattered; others have not. That difference fundamentally has been a racial one.