A diverse communion

A review of Thomas S. Kidd and Barry Hankins

Ebenezer Kinnersly illustrates the depth of the controversy over outward manifestations of inner religious experience.

Glorify, by Emily C. Heath

United Church of Christ pastor and blogger Emily Heath is a self-described binary-smashing, trinitarian, gender-nonconforming Reformed theologian.

The mysteries of young Augustine

A review of Robin Lane Fox

Confessions is not primarily about Augustine at all; it is about God’s activity in the particularity of Augustine’s life.

Selling the Reformation

A review of Andrew Pettegree

Luther understood the “aesthetics of the book” but not the economics of the book. He never made a pfennig from his publications.

Beethoven for a Later Age, by Edward Dusinberre

The sacred is experienced in liminal spaces where profound silence happens. But behind the silence is activity.