We Make the Road by Walking, by Brian D. McLaren

Academics may find no theological breakthrough in Brian McLaren's latest book, but the ones who care about church life may still do a double take.

Touchdowns for Jesus and Other Signs of Apocalypse, by Marcia W. Mount Shoop

Grantland Rice compared the Notre Dame backfield to the four horsemen. Marcia Mount Shoop realigns football with apocalyptic thought—and makes a theological critique of the sport's systemic dysfunction.

Praying strings

I gobble books by musicians. Bruce Cockburn's memoir has more virtues than most.

The road to Heller

Michael Waldman traces the Second Amendment's life, from militias to the NRA to the newfound right to have handguns at home.

Sex and the Spirit,
by Verlee A. Copeland and
Dale B. Rosenberger

The mainline has struggled to express an ethics or spirituality of sexuality. Verlee Copeland and Dale Rosenberger seek to fill that gap.