Celebrating centrist Muslims

A review of Raymond William Baker

There’s some good news amid the gloom of global terrorism—namely, the little-known world of wasatiyya, or centrist, Islam.

Bipolar Faith, by Monica A. Coleman

Honest and harrowing, this spiritual autobiography testifies to God’s persuasive presence in a life that bears family legacies of slavery, alcoholism, abuse, and mental illness.

Love without coercion

A review of Thomas Jay Oord

Oord’s kenosis model is a compelling answer to the problem of evil—one that draws on scripture, theology, philosophy, and science.

Ambivalent motherhood

A review of Amy Seek

The physical reality of her son, the very tangible way that he is a part of her, will not go away. He is with her everywhere she goes.

The morality of marriage equality

A review of Stephen Macedo

Many Americans have gone from being squeamish about same-sex marriage to being squeamish about telling their gay friends that their relationships are less than valid.