Coming Out Christian in the Roman World, by Douglas Boin

Spring books

The "Fall of not a historical event; it's more akin to a theological idea." So proclaims Douglas Boin, sacking the understanding of early Christian identity that has prevailed since at least the second century.

God wills it

Books for the dark night

The appeal of Abandonment to Divine Providence is its simple, lyrical repetition of a single idea: whatever happens is the will of God.

Old Testament

Take & read

Dangerous Sisters of the Hebrew Bible, by Amy Kalmanofsky. Scripture’s dearth of accounts of interfemale relationships is one of its oft-lamented lacunae. Inter­preters interested in ancient women’s lives must extract all they can from a handful of passages.

The Paradox of Generosity, by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson

Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson's book is a tale of two ways of life: with generosity and without.

Doing the Math of Mission, by Gil Rendle

To the old debate about faithfulness versus effectiveness in ministry, Rendle offers another possibility: fruitfulness. But to ascertain whether leaders and congregations are fruitful, some form of measurement is needed.