God’s Planet, by Owen Gingerich

Stephen Jay Gould regarded science and religion as addressing different kinds of questions. Owen Gingerich goes a step farther with a more nuanced approach.

Jesus Was a Migrant, by Deirdre Cornell, and Border Patrol Nation, by Todd Miller

Two new books on immigration complement each other well. And where Todd Miller’s falls short, Deirdre Cornell’s shines most brightly.

No Home Like Place, by Leonard Hjalmarson

The biblical story is in part one of displacement, exile, and pilgrimage. But there must be a settled location from which to be displaced and from which to go on pilgrimage. Biblical faith is, after all, incarnational: Jesus came to a specific place and time. Though sent out to the world, the apostles went to particular places like Antioch, Corinth, and Rome.

Not religious, not spiritual

Publishers see SBNRs as a key market, while preachers either court them or put them down. As for Nancy Ammerman, she isn’t sure SBNRs exist.