Saints and Villains, by Denise Giardina

By Denise Giardina, Saints and Villains. (Norton, 487 pp.)

Individualism and Its Discontent, by Charles E. Mitchell

By Charles E. Mitchell, Individualism and Its Discontent: Appropriations of Emerson. 1880-1950. (University of Massachusetts Press, 220 pp.)

Fundamentalist women

By Brenda E. Brasher, Godly Women: Fundamentalism and Female Power. (Rutgers University Press, 224 pp.)

I Am Your Brother Joseph, by Tim Unsworth and Bernardin, by  Eugene Kennedy

By Tim Unsworth, I Am Your Brother Joseph: Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago. (Crossroad, 156 pp.)

By Eugene Kennedy, Bernardin: Life to the Full. (Bonus Books, 345 pp.)