Buried truth

Truth, justice and reconciliation are big words in Christian thinking about God and the world.

The teaching life

What is the vocation of the theological teacher? The “Cambridge Platform” written by New England Puritans in 1648 says, “The office of . . . teacher is to attend to doctrine and therein to administer a word of knowledge . . .

In community

Have you ever felt a bit empty, a bit unsatisfied, after hearing politicians (even those you support) explain their vision of a good society? Are you tired of drinking that favorite political brew, Utopia Lite?

What students crave

College is a crucible in which opinions are formed, challenged and reformed; beliefs are redefined or perhaps defined for the first time, and attitudes become more resolute. That this is so life-shaping a time has something to do with the age of most college students—late adolescence to early adulthood—but also much to do with the campus milieu.
Cover Story

Thinking globally

As the automobile has been the vehicle and symbol of American mobility, the airplane has been the vehicle and symbol of