Praying Twice, by Brian Wren

 In one of his earliest hymns, Brian Wren wrote that "we will not question or refuse the way you work, the means you choose, the pattern you weave." Yet in the 40 years since he wrote this verse, he has used his poetry, teaching and writing to question the way in which the church questions, names and explores God's ways in the world through corporate worship and Christian song.

Christian juxtapositions: Peace in Northern Ireland

The Vision of Peace: Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland. 
By Mareid Corrigan Maguire. Orbis, 123 pp.

People Behind the Peace: Community and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland. 
By Ronald A Wells. Eerdmans, 128 pp. 

Christian juxtapositions: Holy Things and Holy People

Though the World Council of Churches' consensus document Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry is a work of enormous significance, it may strike one as bland. Gordon Lathrop, a Lutheran theologian, presents much the same material in two books (the first published in 1993) that are lively, provocative and challenging.