Fundamentalist women

By Brenda E. Brasher, Godly Women: Fundamentalism and Female Power. (Rutgers University Press, 224 pp.)

I Am Your Brother Joseph, by Tim Unsworth and Bernardin, by  Eugene Kennedy

By Tim Unsworth, I Am Your Brother Joseph: Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago. (Crossroad, 156 pp.)

By Eugene Kennedy, Bernardin: Life to the Full. (Bonus Books, 345 pp.)

Where Trouble Sleeps, by Clyde Edgerton

Listre, North Carolina, exists only in the mind of Clyde Edgerton, but the conversation there is as real as any you’d hear at a bait shop or diner. And Edgerton’s delivery is wickedly funny. His narration is concise and spare; his plots move primarily through his characters’ words and thoughts.

Lived Religion in America, edited by David D. Hall

David D. Hall addresses the gap between academic theology and the diverse ways people of faith “live religion” in their circumstances. Hall’s book shares an interest in the religion of daily life with such recent books as Practicing Our Faith, edited by Dorothy Bass, and Common Fire: Lives of Commitment in a Complex World, by Laurent A. Parks Daloz et al.

Solzhenitsyn’s century

By D. M. Thomas, Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A Century in His Life. (St. Martin's, 583 pp.)