Following Wesley

By Theodore Runyon, The New Creation: John Wesley's Theology Today. (Abingdon, 270 pp.)

Edited by Randy L. Maddox, Rethinking Wesley's Theology for Contemporary Methodism. (Abingdon, 256 pp.)

Naked Before God, by Bill Williams, with Martha Williams.

By Bill Williams, with Martha Williams, Naked Before God: The Return of a Broken disciple. (Morehouse, 327 pp.)

Caring for families

Edited by Herbert Anderson, Don S. Browning, Ian S. Evison and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, The Family Handbook. (Westminster John Knox, 345 pp.)

The Implied Spider, by Wendy Doniger

By Wendy Doniger, The Implied Spider: Politics and Theology in Myth. (Columbia University Press, 200 pp.)