A place for passion

A lengthy prepublication excerpt in the New York Times Magazine, quotations on the back cover from famous scholars using descriptions like “profound,” “elegant and erudite” and “landmark in political philosophy”—short of selection for Oprah’s Book Club, it is hard to imagine how a book could come trailing more clo

What the Thunder Said: A Novella and Stories

Janet Peery’s work is reminiscent of Marilynne Robinson’s: intimate studies rich in character, spare in incident, powerfully rendered in plain speech and deceptively simple sentences.

God Is Dead

Ever since Nietzsche made his famous pronouncement, theologians have wrung their hands over the metaphorical death of God. Yet what if God’s death were no metaphor? What if it were a documented event headlining every newspaper and covered incessantly by every television news channel in the world? What would happen to our world? To us?

Finding the body

Kate Braestrup’s memoir is all about bodies: living and dead, lost and found. A chaplain for the Maine Warden Service, Braestrup writes about search-and-rescue missions to find hikers and hunters lost in the forests, mountains and bogs of the state.

Holy Hills of the Ozarks/Shopping for God

In 1739, Benjamin Franklin went to hear itinerant evangelist George Whitefield preach in Philadelphia.