Wearing God, by Lauren F. Winner

Spring books

I read Lauren Winner's new book with the sort of joy one feels when watching someone utterly hit their stride.

They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else,” by Ronald Grigor Suny

Spring books

Study of the Armenian genocide has attracted many fine scholars, but Ronald Suny's book stands out.

A man forgiven

Books for the dark night

Instead of sitting down to rage at a blank page again, I grabbed a copy of Don Quixote. Three days later, the ice of time had cracked.


Take & read

Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love, by Elizabeth A. Johnson. Coming out of a study of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species that Johnson engaged in with her Fordham colleagues, this book wrestles with the implications of evolution for Christian understandings of God as Creator and calls us to embrace our creaturehood.

God Help the Child, by Toni Morrison

Spring books

In her 11th novel Toni Morrison returns to the foundation of most of her fiction: childhood and its traumatic effects.