Fessing up

What do Bill Clinton and Jimmy Swaggart have in common? Each made a spectacular public confession of sexual misconduct.

Held in the Light: Norman Morrison's Sacrifice for Peace and His Family's Journey of Healing

The name Norman Morrison appears often as a hushed aside in discussions of self-sacrifice; it is a footnote in the history of the Viet nam War.

Big enough God

Religion possesses unbelievable power. It can offer meaning, shape culture and transform lives in the best of ways. But when something possesses the power to perform good, it can also contain the power to do harm.

Mormon ghosts

On September 11, 1857, over 120 migrants on their way from Arkansas to California hid in a haphazardly constructed wagon fort in southern Utah. They feared that local Paiutes were going to renew attacks against them. Having spent four days under siege, they were relieved by the sight of Mormon leader John D.

God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question—Why We Suffer

Bart Ehrman has written another book that is probably destined to be a best seller. God’s Problem is a lively, though thoroughly conventional and utterly predictable, dismissal of Jewish and Christian views of God.